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Are you the next Start-up King

In this start-up era, do you want to measure your chances of being the next start-up guru? We have a free report for you that reads your natal chart and analyses your chances of becoming an entrepreneur.

Rahu Ketu

Kaal Sarp yoga is formed when all 7 planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. This Yoga is considered inauspicious as it signifies hurdles all along. Know the position of Rahu-Ketu in your birth chart and check if Kaal Sarp Yoga is the reason behind your problems.

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How can Astrological predictions better our life?

Astrology is used in everyday life to better it, make it satisfying and joyful. Astrology predictions can pin-point our strengths, talents, weaknesses, and future vocations. It's a Self-Help tool that tells to advance the possibilities of success and overcome likely pitfalls.

Numerology 2016

Prepare yourself for year 2016. Get personalized Prediction report prepared by our astrologers. Provide your birth details and know how transit of planets influences your varied spheres of life: Money, Love, Marriage, Career & Relationships matters.


Our Relationships, lifestyle, resourcefulness, imagination and the ability to use all in an effective manner, plays a major role in deciding the twist and turns of our life. Planet Venus is the ruler of the above aspects of life. Check for free Period wise status of planet Venus in 2016 and plan accordingly. Read more...

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