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Wish To Fly Over The Rainbow of Life In 2015
Every year in our life more...
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for the Deepawali Celebrations 2014 to take place!!!
We will deliver the compiled footage of the ceremony along with pooja prasadam at your doorsteps..  

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Ebola virus – Is it due to Rahu’s recent transit in Virgo As per Vedic Astrology, the Shadow Planet - Rahu is one of the most dreaded cosmic bodies and is considered to be the harbinger of a lot of negative influences in human lives. Many across the globe believe Rahu to be the torchbearer of collective health problems...
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cyberastro 5 Common Dreams Decoded: Can Dreams Help You Foresee Your Future Decades of research and scientific studies have proved that there is a purpose and importance to dreaming in human life. Researchers have found that the dreaming mind can access the critical...

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cyberastro 5 Vital Reasons You Should Enlist For Deepawali Celebrations This Year The Festival of Lights, Deepawali is just round the corner and many parts of the globe seem to have put on the festive shoes to dive headfirst into the aplomb, gaiety and frolics of this joyous occasion. Dazzling fireworks, brightly lit earthen lamps, awe-stunning more...
Different Facets of astrology
A Comprehensive Questionnaire Since times immemorial, human beings have looked upon the heavens and cosmic powers for guidance in order to drive our lives better. This act of seeking guidance or indications to lead a better life is termed as astrology. Simply put, astrology can broadly be more...
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